crampons comp

The new freeride dedicated CR soles are made in collaboration with Vibram to provide superior grip and stability while hiking to allow riders to traverse frozen slopes and gnarly ascents while mountaineering. Front and rear crampon compatibility make these soles unique for extremely technical and difficult hikes.

vibram double crossbow

The Double Crossbow system technology is further augmented in the Vibram version, where we add their experience and credibility on outsoles to our unique concepts and construction. Vibram rubber features 30% more grip on ice and slippery surfaces.

double crossbow

The second generation of Crossbow takes the weightlessness and softness of its special EVA compound and is updated with the ultimate Double Crossbow system, which results in the best performing sole on the market with four different grip areas. The new crossbow system provides a perfect balance of power transmission and cushioning. This particular outsole design is developed to allow maximum flexibility and the perfect feel throughout your foot.


The new all-mountain/freestyle Stamina soles prised of an EVA RP compound that makes the material more elastic and responsive than traditional options. With two grip areas, the Stamina soles are lighter.


The new Lightstep Outsole is the result of dedicated research and development seeking high-performing materials with a specific weight lower than average sole materials. The outsole is now 35% lighter compared to a traditional snowboard outsole. It can keep a perfect grip thanks to the new structure and new gripping design geometry, which has been built with innovative materials in order to guarantee higher abrasion resistance. On top of that, it provides perfect thermal isolation, protecting feet from the cold outside, and it constantly cushions every vibration and impact.


This outsole guarantees comfort and high performance with maximum weight reduction. Innovative technology designed by Hypershock allows you to find strong holding traction even on the most slippery ice. The crossbow system helps you absorb the impact when hitting the biggest booters.