The Omnichrom on a diet, our light version gives the same proven performance of its predecessor’s baseplate, while the heel cup has been enhanced thanks to a lightened bridge. Assuring the same reactivity while simultaneously improving flexibility, the Omnichrom Light reduces the overall weight by shaving unnecessary material from the bridge and baseplate.



The Light Saber is an evolution of the Delta Light base plate. We reduced the contact points to a minimum in order to give you a better feeling while riding while reducing the weight. The heel cup positioning is totally tool-less: 3 different positions are adjustable with two levers located on the baseplate. The new Light Saber baseplate gives you the opportunity to adjust the highback independently from the ankle straps, which results in 13 different customizable combinations to suit your riding style.


Engineered with the highest quality aluminum and fiber reinforcednylon, the ultra-lightweight Delta Light baseplate was designed to enhance response and board feel. The weight on this baseplate was dramatically reduced by removing heavy plastic and replacing it with an EVA dampening pad. The Delta Light has an all new contact pad placed directly on the board to better dampen impacts, and take riding to a whole new level. A versatile, all-terrain performance baseplate that’s fully customizable for superior fit.


The Delta is the original Drake concept at its purest. With a pre-curved aluminum heel cup directly connected to a nylon/fiberglass baseplate, this baseplate maintains flawless, solid assembly. Designed with the perfect blend of nylon and aluminum for responsiveness and dampening, collectively the construction creates a soft, forgiving baseplate ideal for beginners and freestyle enthusiasts. It is fully customizable, and includes a variety of heel cups and toe ramp adjustments to ensure the perfect fit.