The Biomap Carbonfiber highback is made from Carbon Fiber manufactured with attention to performance. The asymmetrical design is ergonomically engineered to fit the calf and angle of rider’s legs to maximize performance and response from the board.


The Biomap is a set of asymmetrical highbacks that provide maximum energy transmission from your body to the board while ensuring proper stance support. That’s why our highbacks are designed with Biomechanical technology, to be anatomically compatible with every rider’s calf, and simultaneously stabilizing your leg in the right position to transmit power directly to the board without wasting any energy.


The Full Prime highback has fought to revolutionize your riding style with a central spine critical to fortifying the strength necessary to support any pressure put on it. This outstanding highback delivers extra torsional flexibility during turns and rotations.


It’s the third year in our collection, the Spade highback is an asymmetrical design to give extra flex to your riding and tweaks featuring a new adjustment system that is both faster to change up and more durable.


The Light Frame family of the highbacks maintains the same benefits of a full frame highback without the added weigt. It’s a perfect mix of torsional flexibility and response by giving you more lateral movement while allowing a progressive response in all movement paths. This guarantees greater control over your board with a comfortable and forgiving feel without compromising support.


Perfect for entry-level riders the Eyeback is super light, comfortable, and very versatile.


A collection of highbacks specifically conceived for a woman’s biological makeup, the Ladfyit is constructed with a shorter, rounded top for extra support and the best possible fit, excellent flex and reactivity with a feminine design touch.